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PRM’s Reese Co-Authors Total Compensation E-Book

ROCKVILLE (April 2016) – The Primer on Total Compensation in Government is a recently released e-book designed to help public employers rethink elements of their compensation programs. The book highlights issues and alternatives and helps plan for program changes. It also discusses the role of managers in managing employee salaries, as well as the policy models that should be considered.


PRM’s Adam Reese is a co-author on this new book. “There are many misconceptions about total compensation in the public sector versus the private sector,” Reese said. “But there are three essential truths this book reveals: First, when benefits are factored in, public sector employees are often better compensated than the private sector. Second, the public sector workforce is aging and many long-service career employees will soon be retiring, creating a void in knowledge and experience in these jobs. And third, the public sector has had less success recruiting and retaining millennials.”


The Primer on Total Compensation in Government addresses these issues. Through the primer, you can find out how to: 

  • Help a task force evaluate a current pay program and plan program changes.
  • Plan total compensation studies.
  • Evaluate the alternative models to plan a new wage and salary program.
  • Plan annual budgets needed to remain competitive for talent.
  • Strategize on how to prepare managers to manage the pay of their employees.
  • Complete an assessment of how pay levels compare with market levels.
  • Assess the benefits provided to employees relative to those provided by other employers.
  • Provide guidance on how to transition successfully to pay for performance.
  • Develop a strategy on how to effectively communicate to employees’ expectations and goals of the compensation program.
  • Evaluate and strengthen the process for evaluating employee performance.

The book is available for download at the International Public Management Association for Human Resources website ( The cost is $15.

Reese is a principal and Managing Director of Actuarial Services in PRM’s Rockville, Maryland office. He is an actuary with qualifications experience in both pensions and healthcare. Reese has authored two prize-winning papers: The Valuation of Retiree Medical Benefits and Healthcare Costs in the Last Year of Life. He has more than 30 years of experience in benefits and actuarial services.

The ebook’s other co-author is Howard Risher, Ph.D., whose 40-year consulting career in compensation and performance includes work on a project that resulted in locality pay in the federal government in 1990.  Risher works as a strategic partner of PRM Consulting Group. 

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