PRM Consulting

Solutions & expertise
guided by our principle:
People Really Matter


Align base pay and 
incentives with performance 
and a sensible job structure


Provide the protection
 of a healthcare safety-net
 and help employees 
build retirement security.


Engage the right people 
and make your 
organization thrive

The 2021 PRM Survey is now available for purchase.

Get PRM's analysis of executive compensation for non-profit organizations

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Being an Employer of Choice in a Rapidly Changing Job Market.

When employees see their work as more that just a job, being an employer of choice is critical.

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PRM Survey: How has COVID affected remote work and pay policies?

PRM’s survey of nonprofit organizations shows many plan to offer flexible work schedules as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Our Clients Include Organizations and Companies in These Areas:

Federal, state & local government
Private sector businesses
Not-for-profit foundations, professional societies
Research & education
Technology & Transportation