PRM Consulting


Design programs to recognize what matters in a fast changing world.

Our compensation and recognition practice represents a key component of our consulting services, and the legacy upon which our reputation has been built.

PRM provides compensation consulting services for boards of directors, executives and other employees. Our services include:

  • Reward strategy and compensation philosophy

  • Intermediate sanctions / private inurement compliance

  • Role analysis and evaluation

  • Base pay plan design

  • Annual incentive and sales compensation plan design

  • Stock plan design and other forms of capital accumulation

  • Executive and Board compensation

  • International

Unlike any other area of HR, the compensation discipline requires an in-depth knowledge about markets, how they pay and the pressures within them.

We match our consultants’ market expertise with an extensive library of best practice, plan design, compensation element and compensation level information.

Our resources are a combination of published, custom and tailored surveys, which describe such areas as:

  • Industry/market sector

  • Ownership (not-for-profit, public sector, publicly-held, privately-held)

  • Base pay, annual incentives and total cash

  • Long-term incentive and total direct compensation

  • Broad-based benefits

  • Executive benefits and perquisites