PRM Consulting


Helping put a richer financial future within everyone's reach.

Our retirement practice delivers solutions to a broad range of issues related to the overall management, design and funding of retirement, postretirement and capital accumulation plans.

PRM's Retirement Solutions

PRM's staff of actuaries and retirement consultants have expertise in both qualified and nonqualified plans including supplemental executive retirement plans. Our services range from single purpose studies to long-term solutions and include:

  • Recordkeeper and investment advisor vendor due diligence searches

  • 403(b) assistance

  • Multiple Employer Plans (MEPs) designs and oversight

  • Compliance plan analysis

  • Plan document creation, review and analysis

  • Deferred compensation arrangements

  • Investment consulting services

  • Supplemental executive plans

  • Non-discrimination testing

  • Third party administration

  • Qualified and non-qualified plan design;

  • 401(k), 457(b), 457(f) plan design

  • Defined benefit plan actuarial valuations

  • Defined benefit plan FASB/GASB expense calculation and disclosure

  • Consultation and costing regarding alternative plan designs

  • Consultation and assistance with plan administration processes

  • Retirement communications

  • Group retirement education meetings

  • Replacement ratio analysis

  • Retirement benefit statements;

  • Benefit calculations for defined benefit plans;

  • Retiree health plan valuation; and

  • Retiree health plan FASB/GASB expense calculation and disclosure.

  • Expert witness services

Our retirement practice allows us to focus on your retirement needs, allowing you to do what you do best. As lawsuits surge regarding plan fees, monitoring vendors, and non-compliance with ERISA regulations, our consulting evaluates all aspect of your retirement plan and puts in place procedures and changes to ensure that your plan is meeting ERISA and Internal Revenue Service regulations. 

We understand the importance of retirement plans and the impact under-funded plans have on an organization’s financial position. Therefore, we employ the latest technology and actuarial expertise to provide forward-looking information to help you better manage your retirement plans. We use this information to help you avoid difficulties and financial surprises by anticipating potential problems and preparing solutions before they exist.