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Retirement Impact of SECURE 2.0

The Securing Strong Retirement Act of 2021 has several changes that affect current and future retirement plans.

Michael Rhim

The 2022 NFPO Compensation Survey is now available

The 2022 PRM Non-Profit Executive Compensation Survey is available for purchase.

Greg Robertson

How Inflation Impacts Your Retirement Plans

During times of high inflation, everyone should think about how they spend, save and plan, including retirees.

DOL Urges 7th Circuit to Vacate Dismissal of Northwestern ERISA Case

Due to a SCOTUS opinion and because DOL felt a plausible claim for relief under ERISA had been articulated, the 7th Circuit was asked to reinstate the ERISA case. This would allow the plan participants another chance to move their claims of breach of fiduciary duty forward in federal district court.  

Target-date Funds Continue to be 401(k) Favorites

The diversified, automatically rebalancing portfolio of Target Date funds remain popular for younger participants as well as those approaching retirement.  


Tragedy and the Role of HR

What should HR do in the aftermath of tragedies like the recent mass shootings?

Donnell Karimah

Sustainable Investment Options in Retirement Plans

Michael Rhim appears on the Sustainable Finance Podcast to discuss ESG funds and the trend to add socially responsible investment options to employer retirement plans.

Greg Robertson

A Retirement Plan Sponsor’s Responsibilities

The first step in making sure your plan stays in compliance and remains eligible for tax benefits is to understand your responsibilities as the plan sponsor.

Donnell Karimah and Michael Rhim

Navigating Retirement Planning in 2022

Today, retirement planning which requires a commitment to gaining the knowledge, discipline and discernment to make the choices that will aid and not hinder your retirement goals.

Donnell Karimah and Michael Rhim

Securing a Strong Retirement Act of 2022 passes the House

The House passes Secure 2.0 legislation to assist businesses in offering more retirement options to workers.

Donnell Karimah and Michael Rhim | Retirement

Track your ERISA compliance for 2022

Track key dates and stay within ERISA guidelines to keep your retirement plan compliant.

Donnell Karimah and Michael Rhim | Retirement

Three Continuing Trends for 2022

As we move into 2022, there are three trends that are still going strong. Those who adapt well will be better positioned as the working world continues to move towards a post-COVID landscape.

Greg Robertson | Communications

Michael Rhim authors retirement guide for the IEN.

PRM practice leader serves as lead author for the latest International Endowments Network retirement guide.

Technical Update: Retirement Limitations for 2022

Technical Update: IRS limitations for qualified retirement contribution for 2022.

Michael Rhim | Retirement

The 2021 NFPO Compensation Survey is now available for purchase.

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Being an Employer of Choice in a Rapidly Changing Job Market.

When employees see their work as more that just a job, being an employer of choice is critical.

Greg Robertson | Communications

PRM Survey: How has COVID affected remote work and pay policies?

PRM’s survey of nonprofit organizations shows many plan to offer flexible work schedules as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Greg Robertson | Communications

IRS Posts 2022 Limits for Health Savings Accounts

IRS limits for health savings accounts have been released.

PRM Consulting | Compensation