PRM Consulting


Rise to the challenge of diversity and equity in the workplace

PRM’s in-depth knowledge and expertise in the diversity, equity, and inclusion space has helped organizations develop unique, inclusive work cultures and structured DEI programs.

Our team has built state-of-the-art tools and scalable business models to define and deploy the following DEI of Services for Government, Not-for-Profit, Private Sector and Universities that include, but are not limited to:

  • Analysis, Strategic Plan Development, Actionable Road Maps

  • Assessment of DEI learning and training gaps

  • Action plans to operationalize racial and other forms of equity and inclusion

  • Continuity plans to implement, track, measure, and adapt alternative DEI strategies

  • DEI Training and Awareness

  • Diversity Executive Search Consultations

  • Inclusion Alignment and Assessment Services

  • DEI training materials, slide decks, reference guides, exercises

  • Common language tools for inclusion in statements, emails, newsletters, meetings

  • Communication strategies in response to current events

PRM has guided organizations Federal, state, Not-for-Profit, Private Sector and Universities and numerous others in developing and scaling DEI programs.