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Being an Employer of Choice in a Rapidly Changing Job Market.

Atlanta GA Greg Robertson

The COVID-19 decimated labor markets in the U.S. and around the world. Employers were jolted by sudden changes in demand and new safety concerns. Many workers lost or had to leave their jobs. Many businesses didn’t survive. 

Now, emergence from the pandemic is coming into view. Business is rebounding – even thriving in some sectors – and new businesses have started to spring up. Organizations large and small are reporting staffing difficulties and some believe that the labor markets indicate a reassessment of work in America

Now it is more important than ever to be an employer of choice. Employees see their organizations as more than workplaces. They prefer to affiliate with socially responsible organizations and see their total compensation as part of an overall employment value proposition. How competitive is pay and benefits? Are there any special perks? How is the organization connected to the community? All these elements support employee engagement and business success.

Action Is Key

Three steps are key to attracting (and keeping) a highly qualified post-pandemic workforce:

Think global. 

Compensation studies and benefit design evaluations help maintain competitive programs even as largely virtual workforces take root. Whether your workforce is worldwide or entirely within shouting distance, the foundation for effective decision-making is having the facts.

Act local. 

Opportunities for differentiation are often close at hand. Travel companies offer free or discounted travel. Books are complimentary at a publishing house. Family and pet-friendly employers dial down stress levels. Think outside the box and you may find small things that can make a big positive impact for employees.

Tell your story. 

Solid messaging to communicate your organization’s value proposition is a critical component of recruiting the right people, hiring and onboarding them, and engaging them to deliver top-level performance.  

Being an employer of choice helps drive employee engagement and, as a result, customer satisfaction. With the rapidly changing job market, there has never been a more important time to stand out for the right reasons.