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Sustainable Investment Options in Retirement Plans

Greg Robertson

Paul Ellis from the Sustainable Finance podcast talks with Michael Rhim about socially responsible investments options. Employees of colleges and universities control over $1 trillion in assets with limited choices that address areas of social concern. Many retirement plan sponsors are looking for ways to incorporate Environmental Social Governance (ESG) investments that are focused on climate change, racial equality or inclusion. Most existing plans are heavily invested in companies that operate counter to these concerns. 

We are seeing employees in large organizations approach their HR office to ask about ESG funds. Smaller organizations are also taking notice of this trend.

You can find the Sustainable Finance podcast HERE.

Michael also authored the International Endowment Network’s Guide to Sustainable Retirement which provides practical and relevant information to organizational officers and employees. You can find the guide HERE.

Michael Rhim is a principal with PRM Consulting Group and has more than 30 years’ experience in the human resources arena. He serves as the Practice Leader for defined contribution retirement plans.